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Whether you have a product or service-based business, brochures and booklets when professionally designed, can really set you apart. Making these valuable marketing tools a good investment, no matter your area of expertise.

brochure design by tigerlilly designs

There are so many different uses for brochures and booklets in our businesses. From business brochures, annual reports, wholesale catalogues, and price lists, to prospectuses and educational resources. Whatever your requirements we can work together to make your document stand out and show your business in the best light.  

As a professional graphic designer I will work with you to determine which format and style your brochure or booklet should take. But the design is only half the challenge. You also have to consider what you plan to do with the artwork once it is complete.

Are you planning on printing your brochure, ready to hand out or send to clients and customers? Is it something that you plan on selling as a product? Is it going to be something that you want to make available to download? There are so many possibilities depending on what your ultimate objective is.

As part of the design service I will walk you through the different options and advise on which ones will work best for your needs. Working together we will create a brochure or booklet that you can be proud of.

Printing your brochure or booklet

The world of printing can be a bit mind boggling, especially for those not familiar with how it all works. There’s a plethora of printing techniques, paper choices, special finishes, and binding options for you to choose from. The choices can be overwhelming and also expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

By working with you to understand your style, objectives, and your budget I can arrange the printing on your behalf using one of my tried, tested, and trusted print contacts.

Electronic brochures and booklets

Sometimes our brochures or booklets aren’t designed to be printed, and that’s fine too. When a document is only being used electronically, it can save you time and money, and opens up a world of options.

For example, you may need a wholesale catalogue or newsletter that looks professional and stylish, but you also need to regularly update it. In this instance, having your design created in Adobe InDesign may mean you can’t update it yourself. Instead, we can work together to create a template document in more widely accessible software such as PowerPoint or Word. This would allow you to update it whenever you need without having to pay extra for professional design services.

My ultimate goal whether designing any brochure is to ensure that the design not only looks great but also meets your objective.

Client Testimonial

“Maria is fab to work with and always pushes our thinking further – the BE Advent Calendar and the Making and Breaking Habits book are two examples of beautiful design which engages the reader – what more could you want? “

Crawford Hollingworth
The Behavioural Architects

Knowledge Base 

Printing and Finishing

  • Digital Printing
  • Lithographic Printing
  • Binding Options
  • Special Finishes
  • Paper Types
  • Paper Sizes
  • Print Terminology

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