During my time as a designer I have found many ways to make my life just that little bit easier. In this series of articles on design resources I will share with you the resources I use on a regular basis.

The apps, websites, companies and products featured here are ones that I have personally used in my creative life. Some I use regularly and some are occasional but they all have one thing in common. 

They help me get stuff done!

I hope you find at least one things listed here useful for your own creative endeavours.

Equipment and Tools

This section details some of the equipment I use on a daily basis. It’s not the full range of products I use but it perhaps the most useful and ones I literally couldn’t live without.

Where possible I will endeavour to include links to either the website for the product or a sales page for the item.


27” iMac

What’s to say about this piece of equipment? It’s great. Great resolution, fast as lightening and able to handle pretty much everything I’ve thrown at it. Also the extra large screen allows me to play around with windows and view multiple things at a time.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

While great in it’s own right for drawing and sketching etc it also works brilliantly with my iMac using Sidecar. I can link the ipad screen to my iMac and use the apple mouse to draw directly into Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s a very handy tool!

A4 LED USB Lightbox

This is a really basic LED lightbox that works brilliantly for tracing elements of my design work. It’s cheap and cheerful and does the job. What more can you ask for? It’s powered by USB, so you can either plug it into your computer or into a USB plug.

Brother HL-L2350DW Mono Laser Printer

The name pretty much explains what this is, but I’ve found having a mono laser printer, especially one that prints double sided, has been one of my best investments. Whether I’m updating accounts, or printing off design briefs, being able to do so without needing to worry about ink usage is great. This particular printer also has a manual feed so you can print onto heavier stocks.

Samsung M2020 Mono Laser Printer

As per the Brother printer, the Samsung one I use is also a laser printer, however, it is much more compact so great as an in-home printer or even as an office printer is the lack of double-sided printing doesn’t bother you.

HP 960 Expression Printer

This HP coloured inkjet printer uses 6 separate Claria HD inks and prints brilliantly. Both the colour matching and print quality is very good and like the Brother, has a manual feed for instances where you need to print onto heavier weight card.

Desktop App: Magnet

Allows me to quickly move windows and apps to different sections of the screen, i.e. left half, bottom right etc.

Perixx DX-1000XXL
Gaming Mouse Mat

This mouse mat literally covers the desk area in front of my computer. This means I never have to worry about the mouse reaching the end of the mouse mat! It’s great quality and means I don’t have to worry about my mouse reaching the end of my mouse mat, or the mouse making a scratchy sounds on the desk!