During my time as a designer I have found many ways to make my life just that little bit easier. In this series of articles on design resources I will share with you the resources I use on a regular basis.

The apps, websites, companies and products featured here are ones that I have personally used in my creative life. Some I use regularly and some are occasional but they all have one thing in common. 

They help me get stuff done!

I hope you find at least one things listed here useful for your own creative endeavours.

Photography & Colour

It wasn’t that long ago that designers looked at stock photography with derision. Photos were either poor quality and a bit cheesy or great quality but incredibly expensive. *cough*Getty*cough* 

These days stock photography has come along in leaps and bounds, especially with digital cameras and mobile phone technology leading the way. Not only can you take great photos yourself, very quickly, but you can also source fantastic stock photos at a reasonable price, saving effort all round!

Photography and Colour


Unsplash is a good resource for free to use high-res stock photography. Be warned however, that the search function isn’t great and the results aren’t always what you expect but you can get some great images for free. The site does ask where possible that you credit the author in your work but this is not essential if this isn’t an option.


Istockphoto was founded in 2000 and is owned by Getty Images (Surprise!). It is a paid for stock photography and illustration site. The site offers two ways of paying. You can either buy credit packs or you can buy monthly/annual subscriptions. Which of these you decide to go with will depend on how many images you think you will need on a monthly basis. The search function on this site is really good and allows you to find photos that perfectly fit what you’re looking for. You can tailor searches by number of people and orientation among other things.

While this is the smallest section of the article, it is also (for a designer) one of the most important. 

Our choices with colour convey an awful lot about how we want to be perceived so it is essential to look carefully at your colour palettes and choose colours that work for the project.


Great website for colour inspiration. You can join the site and participate by sharing your own colour palettes