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Anyone can use PowerPoint, but not many have the time or expertise to really make it work for them. My presentation formatting service lets you focus on the content and not on the stress of making it look good!

PowerPoint Formatting Services

PowerPoint is often overlooked as something that requires the skills of a graphic designer. Many people are happy to just throw in some bullet points and a picture or two and call it a day. I say that’s a wasted opportunity. If you make use of my presentation formatting services, your presentation can be as striking and stylish as any other marketing material. 

You spend a lot of time and energy making sure that your presentation content is as good as it can be. So why sell yourself short by presenting a poorly laid out and styled presentation? I get it. You don’t have the expertise or the time to ‘waste’ on fiddling around with colours, text boxes, and alignment issues. Maybe you’re just not a ‘visual’ person… that’s where I step in. 

I use my graphic design skills to make your presentations stand out, for the right reasons. My design background ensures that slides are clear, consistent and stylish. Plus, my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator allows me to easily create custom graphics and icons to enhance your slides. I can work within tight corporate style constraints, or push the boat out and go full creative. We work together to make sure the end result works for you.

The visual aspect of a professionally formatted presentation should work hand-in-hand with your content. The aim is to show attention to detail, aid with storytelling, and engage with your stakeholders. But the main benefit to using my presentation formatting services is that it gives you confidence

Client Testimonial

“We are delighted with the work Maria has done for us in refining our design brief and helping us up our game in terms of our look and feel and the quality of our presentations and visual outputs.”

Caroline Noon
Vivid Research

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