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The power of a customised branded PPT template should never be underestimated!  A professional and cohesive PowerPoint presentation design can really help you engage with your audience.

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Believe it or not, your PowerPoint slides don’t have to be cluttered, clunky and full of clipart. PowerPoint presentation design that is done well can be as striking and stylish as any other marketing material you use.

This is important to understand, because PowerPoint is often overlooked as something that requires the skills of a graphic designer. But Microsoft offers loads of built-in styles, colours, layouts etc, so why would you bother creating your own template? 

The answer is simple. As a business, you need to set yourself apart from your competition. A presentation that is clear, concise, and matches your business personality shows a high level of professionalism. Not something to be sniffed at!

Your personalised PowerPoint presentation design allows you to use your own colour palette, fonts, layouts and imagery. It allows your personality to shine through even the dullest of topics and it helps engage your audience.

The main selling points of having a custom, templated, PowerPoint presentation design…

Colour Palette

Incorporating your brand colour palette into your PowerPoint template is essential. It will enable you to automatically style your charts and diagrams ensuring consistency throughout your presentations.

PowerPoint Compatible Fonts

While there are benefits to using PowerPoint native fonts, cross-platform compatibility being one of them, there is scope for change. The fonts automatically used by your presentation can be customised. There is now even the option to embed third-party fonts into the template. This is a great opportunity to personalise your presentations further.

Slide Layouts

A big selling point of having a customised PowerPoint template is the ability to have set layouts that work for you. If you regularly create specific types of slides then having layouts that are designed for that particular purpose are beneficial. Custom layouts will improve your efficiency and consistency across all your slides and presentations.

Bonus Content

A Customised PowerPoint Style Guide
You will receive a PowerPoint based style guide which gives you specific information regarding your colour and font usage. It will include instructions for using your bespoke layouts and best practice tips for making the most of your PowerPoint template.

PowerPoint Presentation Design – Template Package – £500 +VAT

The PPT presentation design – template package includes the following elements…

  • PPT Template File (.pptx) which includes:
  • Automated colour palette
  • Automated font selection
  • Multiple layout options inc image based slides, multiple column layouts and section divider slides
  • Plus FREE Bonus Content: Your Customised Presentation Style Guide!

For those clients that don’t use PowerPoint, I can also create the template in Google Slides, or Keynote to suit your needs.

Client Testimonial

“We are delighted with the work Maria has done for us in refining our design brief and helping us up our game in terms of our look and feel and the quality of our presentations and visual outputs.”

Caroline Noon
Vivid Research

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