Free and Paid-for Typography Resources for Designers

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Coupled with great imagery and the perfect colour palette, the font you choose can either elevate or sink a project. This is why having access to good typography resources is essential for graphic designers.

Thankfully, in this modern age of the internet the availability of fantastic fonts has grown enormously. Of course, for fonts from the big foundries there will always be a premium price tag. But for everyday work you are spoiled for choice at very little cost.

While there are loads of fonts resources out there, these are the typography resources that I personally use and recommend.

Typography Resources for Designers No.1

As a junior designer I used this website a lot. While I don’t use it as often these days it is still a great resource for free fonts. The fonts are typically freeware, shareware, demo fonts or in the public domain. This makes them great for personal projects and building up a portfolio of work without the cost of purchasing fonts. If you need to use them for commercial purposes just get in touch with the creator and buy a license.


Typography Resources for Designers No.2

Creative Market is a great way to support independent font designers/foundries and artists. This is a paid for resource but you can often purchase bundles of fonts for a reasonable price. They also have a wide range of other graphic elements for sale too.


Typography Resources for Designers No.3

As my career progressed my work became more commercially minded my client base evolved. As a result I started using more and more for licensed fonts. Of course, with any licensing, there is a charge and it can vary greatly. However, the variety of styles and weights, and the quality of the font is often worth paying for. Also, if you buy a font for a client project then you can often charge that back to the client. So it’s a win-win. have a massive catalogue of fonts (over 130,000) from some of the biggest foundries and also boutique ones too. I occasionally just check out the site to see what special offers they have on and snap up some great fonts at a discounted price.


Typography Resources for Designers No.4

Adobe Fonts

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription then Adobe Fonts are included with your account. All you need to do is sign into CC, and search for the font you want. Then toggle your chosen font on and the fonts will appear ready to use in your font menu. You can search for fonts using an image too, which is great for identifying fonts. 

All fonts on the Adobe Fonts site are cleared for both personal and commercial use across desktop, web, and mobile devices! However, it’s worth remembering that these fonts will only be available to you while your subscription is active. 

Visit Adobe Fonts

Typography Resources for Designers No.5

Google Fonts

In this field, Google have once again shown how mighty they are. Google Fonts is a great way to source and use fonts, in particular when it comes to building websites. With very little effort you can easily add any of their fonts to your website using CSS without bulking up your code. Google Fonts has a library of over 1,400 font families meaning that you can make your website look just as great as any of your printed materials.

Visit Google Fonts