Winds of Change

Since 2015 I have become a mum (twice), moved into a family home outside of London, and I’ve just moved up an age bracket in market research terms. So it’s fair to say I’ve changed a fair bit. On returning to work after my most recent period of maternity leave I realised that my corporate branding wasn’t really reflective of who I was anymore.

I decided I needed a change.

This meant refreshing my company logo, relaunching my website and finally getting round to updating my business cards.

Updating the company logo was the easy bit. I wanted something stripped back and simple, that allowed the rest of my graphic design work to take centre stage. My logo was already contained within a rondel and I still liked the font style used so it was a quick exercise to make the rondel black and remove the flower icon from my logo, taking the logo back to its bare bones.

Despite going back to black for the company logo I still love green and I really wanted this to play a part in my style. So I put the lime green colour I love so much to use on the website, as an accent colour. The green complements the black and white nicely and works well with the artwork I have featured in the opening section. It was important to me that the new website be easy to navigate, not too busy and cluttered, but with enough information and portfolio work to ensure visitors take something positive away with them.

Having written about my love of green and my desire to take things back to black it may seem strange to find out that my business cards are more about gold than green. Let me explain.

I wanted my business cards to be simple, elegant and eye-catching. I don’t hand them out very often so when I do I wanted there to be a little ‘wow’ factor, and that’s what the gold is for. Where the website has the punchy lime green, the business cards have the wonderful gold foil. They both work to do the same thing but each one is chosen for it’s specific graphic application.

Computer screens don’t (yet) show gold as it really looks so while there are elements of gold on the website (see details within the opening section), it’s the green that really pops here. In contrast, business cards are much more tactile and the gold foil, black ink, and soft-velvety coating makes the most of that creating a luxurious look and feel.

Overall, I’m really happy with how my corporate branding currently works (that’s a difficult thing for a designer to ever say about their own stuff!). It’s more grown up, more sure of itself and the future, and more reflective of me.

What more could I ask for?